Limited Edition

Returning Home Limited Edition Prints – Now Available By Simon Ratcliffe I’m so excited to be launching two totally new products.  Each month I will be launching a new 13″ x 19″ limited edition print, with a print run of only 23 units. These pieces make unique bespoke gifts or may be purchased to compliment […]

Full Moon Imagery

Full Moon Imagery By Simon Ratcliffe Will I be able to capture every full moon this calendar year? Time will tell. #weareallconnected “There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.” – George Carlin I am now able to print my own creations, using the Canon Prograf 1000. With astounding image […]

Here we go again!

Here we go… Being the product makes me tired! By Simon Ratcliffe Back in September I made a post about being tired of social media. Yes, I’ve been down this path before! Cut it out of my life, that was the plan. Unfortunately, within a week I was back, clicking away, wasting time and judging […]

Maela in the Studio

Maela in the Studio Controlling light By Simon Ratcliffe Working in the studio is a total joy. I find enormous satisfaction in capturing the essence of a person. Working with Maela was such a pleasure. We created some beautiful imagery together. I’ve been asked, what is it about the studio that I love so much. […]

Web Wonders

Web Wonders There’s something about the spider that is totally fascinating By Simon Ratcliffe Spiders are incredible lifeforms. How do they even? Their webs are simply incredible. I love how early morning mist clings to them – jewels on a necklace, shimmering in the early light. I love how early morning mist clings to them […]

Celebrating Fall

Jumping for Joy Celebrating the wonder of Fall By Simon Ratcliffe Stanley Park is spectacular. The Fall colours were particularly lovely this morning. The mist hanging in the trees, the Lions Gate Bridge floating in and out of sight and the crunching of leaves under foot, made for many gorgeous moments. Even container ships looked […]

Swans at the River

Swans on the River This spot never grows old By Simon Ratcliffe I don’t believe I’ll ever grow tired of this spot on the Fraser. It’s about a five minute drive from my house. I visit here regularly and have for decades. When the girls were young, this was our fishing spot. I recently turned […]

Hadley and the Snail

The wonder of a Snail When do we cease seeing beauty in our everyday lives? By Simon Ratcliffe This morning I spent about half an hour outside in the garden, in the drizzle, watching a snail with my granddaughter, Hadley. “I called him Lettuce – can you see the little bumps all over his body, […]