Being a Grampy


Being a grandfather, or Grampy as my grandkids lovingly call me, is an absolute joy and an immense honour. Seeing my daughters reflected in them fills my heart with pride – witnessing the world through their, curious eyes reminds me of the beauty and wonder in life. As time slips by, knowing that I live on in them brings me great comfort and a sense of connection across generations.

Our home is always filled with love, laughter, and playful energy when they’re around. Yesterday, Grandmarie and I had the pleasure of hosting Stella and Holly for a delightful breakfast of pancakes, followed by a leisurely walk to the park. These moments are precious – I’m so grateful to be able to capture my feelings through my imagery – memories beyond a lifetime. #GrampyLife #FamilyLove #MakingMemories

More imagery from our visit :



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