Finding Peace in Nature: How Slowing Down and Enjoying Nature Aided My Recovery

As I’ve been recovering from this hernia surgery, I’ve found great comfort in an unexpected place: the local Reifel Bird Sanctuary. Watching the birds and taking in the peaceful surroundings has played a significant role in my healing journey, teaching me the importance of slowing down and enjoying nature.

In our fast-paced world, it can be challenging to take even a few seconds and appreciate the present moment. At the sanctuary, I was captivated by the graceful flight of Snow Geese, and the stillness of the marshes reminded me to pause and take a deep breath. These blinks of calm and mindfulness have helped reduce stress and promote relaxation, essential components of my recovery.

Being surrounded by nature and wildlife has had a profound impact on my mood and overall well-being. I was both delighted and fascinated by the Hummingbirds, as they dance from one place to another and the Northern Pintails’ serene presence evoked a sense of tranquility. Watching a Northern Harrier soar above the marsh reminded me of the beauty and resilience of nature, mirroring my own journey towards healing.

Taking the time to care for myself, both physically and emotionally, has been crucial during my recovery. The sanctuary has offered me a serene space to reflect on my own needs and prioritize self-care – I feel incredibly privileged and lucky to have been able to incorporate this practice into my life. By connecting with nature and these remarkable birds, I have felt a deep sense of rejuvenation and hope.

My experiences at the bird sanctuary have taught me the value of slowing down and embracing the healing power of nature. I encourage you to find your own sanctuary, whether it’s among the geese and hummingbirds or another natural setting that speaks to you. Our journey may be challenging, but if we are fortunate enough to be able to take a moment to appreciate the world around us, we can find peace and solace in the most unexpected places.

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