Saying Goodbye to Mariia

I met Mariia when she rented the Gastown studio from me. That was over a year ago, I believe, although time is so strange, I feel as though I’ve always known her. She’s a very talented and hard working photographer. She ended up helping me run the studio in 2023, and I enjoyed working with her. We would exchange ideas and sometimes photograph each other, when trying out new lighting set-ups or new gear. Today we said goodbye – in a few weeks, Mariia is returning to Europe. After a light lunch Mariia photographed me for the updated imagery for this website – I’m so grateful and delighted with her images. Then I took the camera and photographed her. I don’t know if our paths will cross again, but I’m very glad we met, and worked together. Good luck Mariia – I’ll see you online!

And thanks for my great new portraits – I love them!

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