Who is this really?

I meet clients to discuss their expectations and explain what they can expect during and after an actual shoot.  At this initial meeting I’m starting to   get to know them.  How do they want to be photographed? Do they have a ‘look’ in mind? What is driving their desire to be photographed?  These are all important questions, but most importantly, during this short time we spend together, I’m formulating my own vision of who they are – trying to figure our their essence. Often I get a vision of what I want to create, and the quest is on. I want my client to be enthralled with the process and the finished art. I want to create an image driven by my passion for capturing what makes this person who they are.

Cory is in my studio, and the flash of inspiration calls for black and white. I see Cory as a 1940’s leading man in my mind. After a short while of shooting traditional portraits and headshots, I make this black and white image. As my camera shutter clicks, I know I have what I have envisioned. I get such a jolt of excitement and I can’t contain my happiness. Many terrific images are flashing across my screen from this session, but this one stands out – capturing the very essence of Cory.

As my camera shutter clicks, I know I have captured what I have envisioned.