The final leg of my journey to Atlin is a poorly maintained highway – dirt road in places.  I question my sanity. I’m halfway along – 50 kilometres to go and I’ve seen a porcupine and two caribou.  I am alone and this is remote. If I get a flat here it will be a while before someone passes. I’ve seen the odd car heading in the other direction – everything will be fine. Stop being a wuss.  The scenery around me is overwhelming in its grandeur.  Such natural beauty in every direction – I keep exclaiming aloud – “Oh my god – would you look at that” – “Can you believe this?” Finally I’m at a junction – quaint houses both old and new are sparsely situated a long the road.  Following the paved road to my right is the frozen lake. Majestic mountains make for an incredible backdrop.  I am drawn to it. At the edge of the lake a dock bares a sign about having to be a member to park on it – something to do with insurance. I readjust my position. A man and his dog are on the ice. It is warm and silent. The dog is jumping for snowballs – an idyllic scene.  “You alright with ending up in some of my shots?” I call out – raising my camera in a different direction.  “No problem”, comes the reply.  Shane Coutts and his dog Deja Vu are perfect subjects. Within minutes I am down on the ice with them, capturing the moment.

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